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Brexit again it will not go away

We had the vote because the politicians could not decide whether we stayed in The EU.
Just over half of the country agreed to leave.
We are really still in a position where half the country wants to stay in.
How can we find a solution to sort this.
The only answer is we have to go forward in the interest of the country. NOT THE INDIVIDUAL.

So take immigration.
We are desperate for people to work in our businesses.
We have to accept that immigration is acceptable.
We can control it by insisting a person has to have a job.
We can control benefits accordingly.

The laws
We accept all European Laws to date. We will have to modify some to line up with our new policies.

We stick with NATO

We trade exactly the same with Europe. Except. We negotiate our own new agreements outside Europe

Research Farming etc.
If we are not paying into Europe we have to finance things ourselves or set up and pay for partnerships.