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Brexit is still not looking well

The government seem to be doing what governments are good at. Do every thing the population do not want.

Most people probably voted out because the EU would not listen and would not put some control over immigration. I say control I do not mean preventing or creating state registers.

I agree Human rights also made it difficult for governments to have some control ie to prevent the wrong people getting into a country. How far do we want to control. We will never be able to control everyone and why would we want to.

The government now sees its opportunity to take total control and it will probably be worse than the EU control.

The governments blind spot to focus on total control of immigration will also kill the economy.

Maybe parliament needs to vote and decide how the Brexit vote should be handled.

Its such a difficult subject to resolve. If the government created some sort of immigration policy.
Then put this to the EU to get their agreement.

We could then continue to be in the EU and not have this headache.So simple.